Rihanna Has a New Look-Alike & She’ll Make You Do a Double Take



Photo: Mark Ganzon/Getty Images for Fenty Beauty.

Rihanna has been promising new music for a while, and while fans are excited for a potential new album, the focus right now is on these Rihanna look alike’s photos. Yna Sertalf has been told that she resembles the “Needed Me” singer since she was a teenager. She told BuzzFeed, “It’s been happening since I was 15 or 16. The first persron to say it was my uncle, who told my mother back when I cut my hair.”

The 23-year-old from France said, while she’s she’s a bit reserved and doesn’t totally see the resemblance herself, there are some perks that come with looking like the Barbadian superstar. “Because I’m a little shy I’ve never used it voluntarily, but it’s true that it’s easier to get into a club or to be offered a drink,” she said.

While it may come with some perks, we aren’t surprised to learn that there’s a bit of a weird side to looking like a celebrity as well. Sertalf expalined, “I’ve heard it for a long time and sometimes people ask to take pictures with me when I go out. But in my personal life, it can be a bit complicated because I never know if someone is speaking to me for my personality or because they think I look like Rihanna.”

She continued, “So when I talk to a guy, it’s often, ‘You look like Rihanna,’ and he’s happy to show me off to his friends, and I often wonder if we can move beyond the looks. But outside of that I find it all pretty funny.”