Priyanka Chopra’s Birthday Wish to ‘Jonas Sister’ Sophie Turner: Can’t Wait To See You as a Bride


Priyanka Chopra's Birthday Wish to 'Jonas Sister' Sophie Turner: Can't Wait To See You as a Bride

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas had a blast at actress Sophie Turner’s birthday party on February 21. The Game Of Thrones actress had a grand bash to celebrate turning 23 and glimpses of the party have been curated by fan clubs on social media.

Sophie is engaged to nick Jonas’ brother Joe, by virtue of which Priyanka and Sophie are the ‘Jonas sisters’. Priyanka did not forget to post a special birthday message for her future sister-in-law.
“To one of the most beautiful fun people I’ve known. Happy birthday Sophie Turner, you are loved! I can’t wait to see you as the most beautiful bride. Have the most brilliant year… #jsisters 4eva! Joe Jonas, you are the most thoughtful! Last night was epic,” she posted.