Shamita Shetty says boyfriend denims can never be out of style


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On a casual day, Shamita Shetty likes to wear a tee with a pair of denims. (Instagram)

The actor who we all remember shaking a leg in the song Sharara Sharara (Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai, 2002) made her debut in 2000 with the movie Mohabbatein. The younger sister of actor Shilpa Shetty Kundra, is a fan of all things fashion, is a disaster when it comes to cooking and hates every kind of diet.

Shamita Shetty says boyfriend denims are comfortable to wear. (Instagram)

Your favourite fashion piece…

It would be my Chanel bag.

On a casual day, what will you be seen wearing?

A white ganji and ripped boyfriend denim. Boyfriend denims are great for Mumbai weather and comfortable to wear. On a casual day, it’s best to wear a tee with a pair of these denims and add some jewellery.

A fashion-possessed buy…

A diamond ring that belongs to my mother. It is priceless. There is a memory attached to it which makes it so close to my heart.

Your fashion icon…

Jennifer Lopez (popstar). She is experimental when it comes to her fashion; she has a great body and knows how to flaunt it. I also love Shilpa’s (sister) style. I don’t know how she manages to put something extra in everything that she wears; it’s always just right and she never overdoes it.

  • Open up your boyfriend’s closet, fish out a pair of denim and wear them. Yes! That’s how you can get a pair of stylish boyfriend denim. Wondering how to wear them? Well, they are easy to style and the mostly effortless, you can also give a glam twist and team them with a slogan tee, or a fitted ganji along with a chunky neckpiece or a big pair of earrings.

Is following a diet a crucial part of your fitness?

I’m a foodie and I love to eat Thai food; I need to eat every few hours, else you will see an irritable side of me. I can’t starve myself, and nobody should ever do that. I eat normal food. I don’t avoid anything such as carbs and all. Though I recently gave up gluten and lactose, but I make sure to have it once in a while so that I don’t become intolerant to it. I also make sure that I eat after every two-and-a-half hours and don’t skip meals. Extreme of everything is bad and one should make sure that the body doesn’t get used to any diet. I try to avoid diets as many times they are just fads.

When it comes to beauty treatments, do you go for home remedies?

I don’t do too much to my face. One thing that I’m very conscious about is to take off my makeup. It is important for the skin to breathe and be moisturised. Micellar water and even coconut oil are some of the best options. I also go for mesotherapy to maintain the collagen levels in my skin. Drinking lots of water also help keep your skin healthy as it flushes out all the toxins.