Luxury leather label Nappa Dori set to open its flagship store in London


Gautam Sinha, founder and creative director of Nappa Dori, speaks to Vogue about the new store, its prime location in Central London, and the label’s new offerings


If you’re a connoisseur of handcrafted leather products, you would be familiar with Gautam Sinha’s luxury label, Nappa Dori. From an expansive range of luggage and bags to minimally designed stationery and accessories, the Delhi-based design house has long established itself as a brand that celebrates India’s rich heritage and artisanal craftsmanship. Now, Nappa Dori is going global as it extends its reach with a flagship store at the heart of London, opening in late April 2019.

“Right from the start, the brand’s ethos has borrowed inspiration from the British. So it was apt for Nappa Dori to open its doors in London, [which is also] considered a key city in the world,” Sinha tells Vogue, adding that this plan took a year and a half to materialise. “The store is located at Seven Dials, a prime location in Central London that is known for its cafes and boutiques, and Nappa Dori will fit right in,” Sinha adds. The store will also be home to Café Dori, where one can help themselves to small eats and a cup of Mumbai’s famous cutting chai—all in all creating a space that emphasises on traditional Indian influences.