Rahul Mishra’s moving collection for fall 2019 draws from his childhood


From seeking inspiration in an abandoned space to carving a spot for Indian designers in an international space, Rahul Mishra explains the thought and creative process behind his latest offering at Paris Fashion Week


Some create from a robust sense of structure, others with a moving sense of colour. Rahul Mishra is a creator who operates on emotion. If you had to look at his body of work, it would inadvertently be tangled with nostalgia. This season, he looked through a poetic lens at the house he grew up playing in as a child. “I come from a village called Malhousie, in Uttar Pradesh. Look it up; even Google won’t be able to help you,” he jokes. The abandoned house of his youth might be run down, but instead of harping on the decay, Mishra noticed something else. “The house was taken over by nature and it was beautiful to see all these weeds and animals as the new residents of a place so rich with memories for me,” he describes the exact point where inspiration crept for the making of the new collection. Divya Bhatt Mishra, Rahul’s partner and confidant, swiftly arrived at the scene with a select team to capture the essence of the space and to be able to translate it into something tangible.