These 8 collections are a must have for a fine dining experience


Tableware inspired by motifs, scripts and landscapes of Indian history.


Talk to any good hostess and you’ll understand the way to add drama to your dinner spread. The easiest way to spruce up the dining experience is to add some beautiful tableware. And if that tableware is inspired by India’s long and enchanting history, there is little else left to be desired.

The eclectic range by Nishita Fine Tableware, made of the finest porcelain, evokes India’s rich heritage and infuses it with a modern sensibility. In creating each collection, the designer Nishita Thakurdas finds moments of romance in the annals of Indian history, drawing inspiration from little trinkets to the most ubiquitous remnants of Indian heritage. While focusing on the historic, she also unravels each piece in a contemporary light.

Following Paul Rand’s words, “Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated”, each collection is handcrafted, glazed to perfect translucency and laced with 24-carat gold and platinum. Each piece is a work of art—an ode to a bygone era.

Shores of Persia 


Looking for something classic yet traditional? Then the Shores of Persia collection is for you. The series is inspired by the quintessential Mughal floral motifs found within the tiles that frame the streets of Istanbul. Handcrafted in decadent shades of zaffre blue and turquoise with gold, it celebrates the union of two cultures–Persian and Indian, which later came to be known as Mughal.