Why the Indian industry has its sights set on street


From a want for wearability to a rebellion of sorts


Scroll through your Instagram feed on any given day and you’ll stumble upon the latest iteration of the sneaker, bum bag or sweatshirt, not from your average sportswear or high-street label but from the most storied fashion houses. Whether it’s Balenciaga’s bestselling bazar bag that cues memories of a tote typically spotted in Thai markets or Louis Vuitton’s Archlight sneakers which come with a $1000 price tag, it’s safe to say the boundaries between street culture and luxury have been blurred. The Indian fashion industry too isn’t immune to this phenomenon. For a while now, street staples have surfaced on the runway courtesy of a young, iconoclastic crop of talent and found favour in the wardrobes of countless celebrities. With a little help from the stars and the designers fronting the movement, Vogue studies the state of street in the country.